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We provide training and consulting services to agencies, groups, and responsible citizens. We specialize in the areas of Firearms, Use of Force, Personal Safety, and Law Enforcement Training. Topics range from firearms courses for self defense and law enforcement, best practices, and more. We possess the finest staff and instructors to present the material in a professional manner that is relevant, current, and effective.

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2017 Hosted Courses

We have finalized the hosted courses for 2017 and will be opening registration soon.  Dave Spaulding from Handgun Combatives will be teaching a Pistol Rifle Continuity course with Dave Timm in June.  Pistol Rifle Continuity with cover both platforms challenging the student in a variety of drills reinforcing marksmanship, movement, weapon selection and more.  

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5x5 Drill and Target

Students of our 2016 courses were introduced to our 5x5 drill that has become our signature standards drill.  The target is now available to download for your practice sessions.  More info on the drill can be found here.