Carbine Pistol Continuity

Instructed by Dave Spaulding & Dave Timm

June 14th & 15th, 2017  $475.00

Brainerd Area, MN

This two day course will include both the pistol and the rifle to develop continuity in use between the two platforms.  While there are obvious differences between rifles and pistols, there are many methods and ideals that can be transferred back and forth.  This allows the shooter to perform in familiar methods and gain efficiency.  The goal of the course is to develop familiar task transference while using the pistol and rifle.

Dave Spaulding will be the primary instructor focusing on the handgun, Dave Timm will be the second instructor focusing on the rifle.  

Learning objectives of the course include:

-Foundational marksmanship

-Manipulation and similarity of execution

-Ready positions and presentations

-Holster work with slung rifle, sling work and operation

-Transitions between the two firearms

-Stoppages and clearing drills

-Movement and target engagement

-Distance drills

-Firearm selection


Students will be required to have reliable and proven pistol and rifle at the course and have a solid skill set.  Training opportunities prior to this course will be available to meet prerequisite requirements.  You should have sound experience with your pistol, rifle and gear and training from reputable instructors prior to attending this course.  If you have any questions if you would be a good fit in this course, please contact us prior to registration.  We would be happy to go over your background and experience to determine your best options for training.

This course SHOULD NOT be your first training course.  

Required gear and equipment:

-AR15 rifle/carbine, or other platform, in safe working order with optical sight and back up sights and tactical sling.  Iron Sights alone are permitted as well, however optic such as Aimpoint or quality magnified optics, etc. are highly recommended.  

-Ammunition requirement 400 rifle, 400 pistol

-Pistol from reputable manufacturer in good, safe working order.  It is recommended to use a larger frame type pistol for comfort and capacity.  If all you have is a small compact carry pistol, reloading magazines will be a hurdle for you.  Additionally most small compact pistols are not comfortable for prolonged shooting. An additional pistol is a good idea.

-Minimum of 4 Rifle Magazines and 3 pistol magazines, extra magazines are highly recommended - Loaners available or magazines are available to purchase.  It is recommended to pre-load your magazines ahead of time.

-First Line Gear: Sturdy Belt designed and capable of supporting pistol, magazines, gear, etc.  Quality holster for pistol with solid retention, no cheap nylon or generic fit holsters permitted.  Holster must cover trigger guard and retain pistol during movement.  Holsters that use the trigger finger in line with the trigger to release are not preferred.  Magazine Pouches/Carriers for pistol and Rifle.  Base this on your every day reality, use you actual duty gear etc.  

-Second Line Gear: Sturdy quality Chest Rig or Vest capable of supporting gear. Quality magazine pouches/carriers for chest rig that can hold magazines securely.  This is not required and should be based on reality for you.  If you carry spare mags on a vest for work, bring that, if not belt pouches or pockets are fine.  

*For range drills it is recommended that between first and second line gear student can carry 3-4 rifle magazines

-Eye and Ear Protection

-Adequate clothing and footwear for weather, rain gear, jacket, etc.  We recommend dressing in layers.

-Personal equipment: Gloves, Elbow pads, knee pads.  The neoprene type work great, you will be on the ground, kneeling, prone etc. and the pads can greatly aid in comfort.

-Baseball style cap highly recommended

-Personal items such as sunscreen, bug repellant, favorite snacks, etc.

-Gun cleaning/maintenance kit, lubricant of choice, rags or old t-shirts