This course is designed for the shooter who has taken the intro course and wants more, or the shooter who already has some of the basics down.  The goal of this course is to make you more proficient, knowledgeable, and ultimately a better shooter when you leave.  This course is also an excellent preparation course for the student interested in continuing training.

This course is offered in a one day, 8 hour block.  The class begins with a classroom lecture and presentation, and demonstrations.  We review the nomenclature and dive more into the mechanics and parts of the gun so you have a better understanding of how your pistol works, and where to start looking if issues arise.  

Being this is not a basic course you should have a proven reliable pistol and gear.  During the range portion students will perform a variety of drills becoming proficient with the fundamentals of marksmanship, loading, operating the pistol safely, and building a skill set to create effective training and practice sessions on their own.  We also start to work on movement and shooting on the move.  We will shoot steel at greater distances from our intro course to confirm the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Refreshments, sports drinks, and water, will be included with course.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to safely handle a handgun, be familiar with the loading and unloading procedures of their handgun, basic cleaning and maintenance, and be proficient in firing from the standing position at varying distances.  This course is a firearms shooting course, this course is not a permit to carry legal course.

This Course covers:

-Safe handling of a firearm and the rules of firearms safety

-Platform nomenclature, developments & modernization

-Cleaning, field assembly/disassembly, maintenance, and lubrication

-Accessories, parts, upgrades, and enhancements

-Ballistics and ammunition considerations

-Fundamentals of Marksmanship

-Proper draw and presentations

-Operation and proper handling of the pistol

-Loading techniques

-Numerous practical shooting drills to develop fundamentals

-Drills to build and reinforce loading, operation, and effective accurate delivery of rounds

-Several other topics and drills related to the handgun

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Fundamental Handgun - 8 hours    

$250.00    500 Rounds