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Outdoors Project

Outside of firearms and related areas we have some projects that we truly enjoy.  On our time off we enjoy spending time outdoors, whether it be hiking, hunting, outdoor photography, or camping, we like to be outside.  It was in that realm that the Outdoors Safety project started, we saw far too many people in our "day" jobs become lost or injured outdoors and often were poorly equipped to be outdoors.  We responded to more lost hunters and hikers than we should and most times when they are found they are in rough shape, cold, dehydrated, and miserable.  We began talking that if only they had some basic skills and equipment, while they wouldn't be happy about being lost, they would be better off.  We have a strong background of being outside in all kinds of weather, whether it be for work or the activities we enjoy.  This project's goal is to simply share some lessons we have learned to those that want to learn them.  

Whenever you are outdoors, be prepared, dress for the situation, have a core kit of basic gear and know how to use it in all conditions.  Please keep coming back to this page for updates if this is something you are interested in.  We won't ever claim to be the experts in this field, but we hope some will find it helpful.

Below is our video training project: Outdoors Safety

How to Start a Fire in Rain or Wet Conditions Part 1

A short how to video demonstrating starting a camp fire in rain, wet, or damp conditions.  We also demonstrate different types of tinder that can be ignited with a ferrocerium (ferro) rod and striker.  The weather cleared up as we were outside, it truly was raining as we walked in and had been raining most of the day so everything was wet.  As we arrived it started to let up and as you can see towards the end it turned out to be a nice evening.  Part 2 will be in the rain and will focus more on the "doing" of the topics covered in this video.

How to Start a Fire in Rain or Wet Conditions Part 2

Coming soon 2015!  Waiting for a day off to align with rainy weather.


Winter Fire Starting Basics on Snow Covered Ground

In this video we head out in to the woods in late winter in northern Minnesota set to share some tips on fire basics.  This video will cover the basic skills and necessities to successfully start a fire in the winter, even with the ground completely covered in snow.  If you need to spend time outside in the cold a fire can be a key element to your comfort, morale, and even survival.  All of our material for our main fire is comprised of things we found in the woods, that means all tinder, kindling and fuel.  We use a ferrocerium rod and striker to ignite our tinder and show you that in real time.  We also go through the advantages of getting your fire to the ground by having a separate fire on the snow top to show how that performs.  We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful if you need to start a camp fire in the woods.

A special thanks to Trevor for running the cameras!  Please check out his YouTube channel for some great Minnesota Moto Vloging.     

In the video I am using a StrikeForceā„¢ Firestarter by Ultimate Survival Technologies and an ESEE 6 knife.  Both are top quality gear that do the job very well.