This course is exclusivly taught for 88 Tacical at various host agencies around the United States.  Dave is excited to join 88 Tactical's Mobile Training Team to teach this amazing course.  

88 Tactical’s 3-day Red Dot Sighted RDS Equipped Handgun Instructor Course

will prepare students to implement red dot sighted pistols into their agency.


          RDS technology



          Policies and procedures

          Case law

          RDS effectiveness

          Human behavior under duress in a real environment

Most RDS handgun training is designed to increase performance on the range, which does not always translate well in complex real-world situations.This RDS Equipped Handgun Instructor Course is designed to give the instructor proficiency in using the RDS equipped handguns and provide the ability to transfer this knowledge and apply it back to their agency.


          Transitioning from iron sights to the optic

          Presentation and acquiring the dot

          Tracking the dot in recoil

          Dot failure

          Environmental concerns based on geographic conditions

Students will learn how to recognize threats and apply dot presentation based on three threat initiatives while applying superior tactics.This is an instructor-level course in which students will be required to present information back to the class, conduct video analyses, utilize student-teacher methods, and pass the qualification.


          RDS technology, RDS selection, mounting, holsters, BUS dimensions

          RDS focal plane and imposing the dot

          Agency implementation and suggested zeroing RDS procedures

          Advantages and disadvantages of implementing RDS in the agency

          Modern application of the fundamentals of marksmanship to increase accuracy and proficiency

          Drawing from the holster and the presentation leading to sight acquisition

          Understanding the Funnel of Visibility of Handgun RDS

          Tracking the dot through recoil and the dot behaviors

          Shooter diagnosis and corrective action drills

          Common challenges and struggles of RDS, methods to overcome those and improve performance

          Malfunction manipulation, in-climate weather issues, and RDS failure solutions

          The reality of real-world gunfights and the three threat initiatives

          The “Three Brains” and how we think and act under threat

          Weapons Flow and “Earning the Shot” principles

          Practical Movement drills based on reality versus range theatrics

          Utilization of cover barriers

          Low Light applications

          Adult Learning Methods to teach the material

          Using technology to present visual feedback for shooter development

RDS Equipped Handgun Instructor -  88 Tactical