Vehicle Handgun Tactics - 16 hours/2 Days    

$400.00    1000 Rounds

Learning Firearms is offering a 2 Day course in vehicle handgun tactics.  This course is geared for citizen everyday carry, police officer duty, VIP protection or any other activity where security in or around a vehicle is necessary.  Robberies and assaults around vehicles are common worldwide, and this course offers fundamental tactics that every shooter needs to defend themselves from an attack in their vehicle.  Students will learn to utilize their handguns from both inside and outside of vehicles, and learn appropriate ways to fight around vehicles as safely and effectively as possible.  Students are encouraged to use their carry or duty firearms, and to carry those firearms in class in the manner that they would in the real world; i.e. from concealment or from a duty holster.

This is an open enrollment course.  Students must have a basic level of firearms training and knowledge relating to safe handling and operation of their firearm, as well as basic marksmanship fundamentals.  For students who have never taken formal firearms training, we highly encourage taking our Fundamental Handgun and Moving Handgun courses prior to taking this course, though they are not mandatory.  If a student does not have the appropriate skill set at the class, staff may modify their participation.  

Lunch, snacks, water, and sports drinks are all privided on site and included with tuition.

Course covers:

-Safe handling of a firearm and the rules of firearms safety

-First line gear and configuration/limitations

-Ballistic performance with a focus on vehicle barriers and materials

-Fundamentals of Marksmanship

-Operation and proper handling of the pistol

-Proper draw of the pistol

-Presentation of the pistol, different presentation techniques/positions

-Numerous practical shooting drills to develop fundamentals

-Drills to build and reinforce loading, operation, and effective

accurate delivery of rounds

-Vehicle focused cover versus concealment

-Shooting moving and reactionary targets

-Numerous drills shooting in, around, through andin proximity to vehicles

-Several other topics and drills related to the use of a pistol in and around vehicles

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