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We a proud to be a part of the Full30 network!  Full30 is the premier online video network for the firearms community.  The channels, staff, and advertisers are all firearms related and friendly to our industry.  

When we started the project of creating online video content we knew we wanted to make material that we would want to watch ourselves.  We invested in the equipment, lights, audio gear, and most importantly, time to learn how to make the best videos we can.  We are still learning but we feel our content is among the highest quality online not only in production but content as well.  We hope you feel the same.  Bottom line is you won't find a video just looking at a bench with some moving hands or just a talking head.  

All of our videos can be viewed on our channel, accesable by clicking the image on the left.

We encourage you to be a part of the Full30 community by creating an account, subscribing and commenting on not only our videos, but all of the great channels.  We also do all of our promotions and give aways on Full30!

Our goal is to deliver quality videos that you can use as a resource, obtain quality information and be entertained, all while learning about the topic covered.  

Some behind the scenes photos!