We produce high quality videos for the firearms industry.

Our technical and practical backgrounds provide high quality content for your company and products.

When we started our channel it was mainly to support our firearms training.  What we found though was companies liked what we were doing and there was a need for high quality instructional videos or product highlight videos.  Instructional and technical videos are our specialty.  If you are looking for a high quality video that is well lit, provides clear detail of your product, great audio and technically correct information, then you have found the right place.

Our customers wanted instructional installation videos of their products that they can host on their webpage to be a resource for their customers.  Not only does this provide a great resource to your customer but it can save your technical support staff time.  Having a high quality technical support or instructional video on your website is very valuable.  While you can certainly do it yourself with a smartphone, let us use our professional equipment and studio make the video match the level or quality and professionalism you want for your company.  Your video image represents your company, invest in your online and video image.  

Our studio video production equipment features green screen so your logo and branding can appear in the video.  We also use multiple cameras with capable of zooming in and focusing on even small items providing great detail in the video.  Last we have invested in lighting and audio gear so the video sounds and looks good.  We also can travel on location and shoot from the ground or sky with our multiple drones ranging from Phantoms to Inspire 2 UAVs.  

Whether it you, your staff or us in front of the camera we make videos that you will be proud to promote.  Dave, is an experience armorer and gunsmith, and is well spoken on camera.  His background allows him to work with you to get the information you want in your video in a way that communicates to your customers and viewers.

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