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Pistol Courses

For many the primary firearm of choice is a handgun. Whether it be a responsible individual with a permit to carry, a law enforcement officer, competitive shooter, or other armed professionals, the handgun offers versatility, conceal-ability, and can be an effective tool for protection or competition.  With all things, proper technique and a solid skill set is required, this is even more true for a handgun.  Handguns by nature have less effective ballistic capability than those of rifles or shotguns.  This requires proper presentation and shot placement in order for the handgun to be an effective tool.  Study after study of handgun shootings all conclude to one common theme, shot placement is key.  

Our approach is that accuracy must never take a back seat.  While someone may be able to fire several shots in a very short period of time, if they are all misses, they don’t count for anything.  While accuracy is the end goal, speed and efficiency must also be addresses.  Armed encounters are likely not going to wait for someone to obtain a perfect stance and wait for them to make the “perfect shot.”  So how does someone build the speed to effectively present their handgun to a threat quickly, while also being able to make accurate well placed shots?  The answer is simple, training and practice of the fundamentals to a point where the fundamentals are compressed into smooth fluid actions.  Our courses are designed to build the skill set in our students to be effective, proficient, fluid, and above all, accurate.

Whether you are a competitive shooter looking to improve your scores or a patrol officer or responsible citizen wanting to ensure your skills are in place, we can help your pistol skills.  We have a diverse experience in the tactical, defense, and competition arenas, we take the good qualities from each and apply them in our courses.

Courses Available:

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