We provide training and consulting services to agencies, groups, and responsible citizens. We specialize in the areas of Firearms, Use of Force, Personal Safety, and Law Enforcement Training. We possess the finest staff and instructors to present the material in a professional manner that is relevant, current, and effective.


Just finished Fundamental Carbine. It was a great experience. I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning manipulation and marksmanship with the AR platform.

-Mike Waters, via Facebook

I have now taken five different courses with these guys, and the professionalism and quality of the training has been outstanding. They run a very safe range, allow a realistic experience, and also realize that students also want to have fun. The most recent Dave Spaulding class was truly outstanding. I look forward to continue to be a student with Learning Firearms.

-Stephen Gulbrandsen

Student of Multiple Courses

I recommend Learning Firearms to every shooter I meet - I truly believe everyone, regardless of experience level, can benefit meaningfully from their instruction. Classes are worth every cent of my money and every second of my time.

-Dustin Hawbaker, via Facebook

What our students say about training with us

RDS Handgun Instructor Course at 88 Tactical

Dave is teaching a 3 day Red Dot Sight Handgun Instructor Development course around the country for 88 Tactical.  This course equips the student to develop and teach a behavior based modern approach to the use of a red dot sight on a handgun back to their agency.  This course is being hosted by several agencies around the country.  

More info on course can be found here.

5 Day Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Course

Seeking Course Hosts for 2022 and 20223 - Contact Us!

This course will equip the student to be a handgun and rifle instructor for their agency.  An intense 40 hours course bringing modern techniques in teaching methods and firearms proficiency based on realities faced in current law enforcement environments.  Course rescheduled to allow for students to acquire ammunition.

More info on the course can be found here.

Dave Joins the Staccato 2011 Blue Team!

Staccato is adding several members of the LE training community to it's Blue Team around the country.  Dave is super excited and humbled to be selected to serve Minnesota and the area with Staccato.  It's no secret that Dave loves shooting his 2011, a platform he has been shooting in competition, training and in law enforcement roles.  If you want to check out a Staccato 2011 at class, we've got you covered.  Warning, after you shoot one you will want one!

New Skill Builder Training Target

We are excited to announce our new training target that will be used in our classes.  Made by Targets Online, and available to the public, this target revolves around our training programs and is made on weatherproof cardstock.  With targets for the 5x5, proficiency standards, and zeroing it offers a lot of options.  Additional target aiming areas give alost endless other drill options.  

More info and video about the target coming soon!

Check out this target and our other targets here.

Congradulations to Sean!  - 5x5 Handgun Hall of Fame

Sean is the first student to join the 5x5 Drill Hall of Fame for shooting the handgun drill clean!  This is an amazing accomplishment and shows proficiency and a consistent level of performance in order to shoot the drill perfectly.  Sean attended a class at teh 2022 SOTA SWAT conference and used his duty gear to shoot the drill.     

Check out the drill, download the target and try for yourself.