Training is the core of our services, we strive to provide the best training we can offering realistic, relevant solutions, presented passionately and effectively to create a productive learning environment.  We have several courses available on a variety of topics.  We do not believe in being “everything” instructors, rather we specialize in key areas that our staff has practical, recent experience and knowledge in.  We only offer courses that we truly have a passion for, have a working and vast knowledge in, and have the abilities to share that information in an efficient method that you will find beneficial.  

Our training classes vary from classroom style lectures and presentations to hands on practical sessions, scenarios, and exercises.  It is difficult to learn how to fire a handgun proficiently or shooting on the move with out actually having the opportunity to practice the skills and learn while doing so.  Likewise it would be foolish to just have hands on sessions with out knowing the theory or the “how and why” behind a principal function.  We develop our classes with a formula of classroom and hands on practical elements to provide an optimal learning environment and a class that you not only gain knowledge from, but enjoy at the same time.

Learn more about our courses by using the menu above for our classes.  We also offer private lessons on all of the courses if you would feel more comfortable in a smaller or one on one setting.


Our Guarantee to Our Students

We don't take your choice to spend time with us lightly.  We know your time is valuable and it is our goal to provide you the best learning experience we can during your time with us.  Because of this, we back up all of the classes that we teach with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

If you come to a class and aren't satisfied, we will refund your tuition.  

The last thing we want is for you to leave from a class thinking it was a waste of time.  Research, effort, actual experience review and a lot of planning go into each class.  We are proud of the lessons we share and want your experience to be a safe and positive course where you can take away practical lessons.  At the end of the day we want you not just to be a better shooter, but be better prepared for what your realistic objectives are with your firearm.