5x5 Drill

The 5x5 drill is something we started doing in 2016 and has become our "signature" standards drill that we conclude all of our classes with.  Like many other trainers, a drill often ends class with the opportunity to accomplish the drill for recognition.  This was inspired by some great role model instructors and has strong roots in a traditional police qualification type of course of fire.  This drill is not a short sprint but meant to be a challenge at distance and up close requiring accuracy throughout.  

The same target is used for either rifle or pistol, only the distance is adjusted.  You will need a 50 yard range for the rifle version, and a 25 yard range for the pistol version.  Both drills require 25 rounds, fired from 5 different distances.  All rounds must clearly strike the black box, line tears count but must be true, all shots must be within the allotted time.

The directions, time limits for each distance, target and starting position are on the target, or see below.  If you want to be even more frugal you can fold any sheet of typing paper in half as that is the black box target size.  If you are at one of our classes and clean this drill you will earn a plaque and recognition on our webpage.  To date no student has completed the drill earning the plaque, though we have had some 24's.  Additionally students who score 88% or better (22 hits) with the other 3 hits still on paper, within time, earn a respectable place on the 5x5 Honor Roll.  

Download the target and start practicing!

Handgun #1 - Sean Marben - April 8th, 2022, St. Cloud, MN

5x5 Drill Distance and Time Chart


Target at chest level.  Start with pistol in duty or concealed holster, no speed or competition rigs, hands at side.

5 Rounds at Each Distance, 25 rounds total

25 Yards - 10 seconds

20 Yards -  8 Seconds

15 Yards -  6 Seconds

10 Yards -  4 Seconds

5 Yards -  3 Seconds


Target at chest level.  Start with rifle pointed at base or ground level of target stand.

5 Rounds at Each Distance, 25 rounds total

50 Yards - 10 seconds

40 Yards -  8 Seconds

30 Yards -  6 Seconds

20 Yards -  4 Seconds

10 Yards -  2 Seconds

This is for students who shot 88% (22 Hits) or better, and met all time requirements of the 5x5

Nate Warren - October 28th 2021 - Handgun - Maple Grove, MN

Jordan Spencer - April 27th 2021 - Handgun - Tekemah, NE

Matt Lasker - March 31st 2021 - Handgun - Avon, OH

Chris Johnson - March 31st 2021 - Handgun - Avon, OH