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Slip 2000 products are the best firearms cleaning and lubrication products on the market.  Each of our students receive a sample of their amazing products.

What We Use

Without a doubt the nicest and simplest precision torque driver on the market is the Borka Tools Adjustable Torque Driver.  We use these in the shop and they are amazing.  

Optics are something that you should see as an investment with your firearm purchase.  Buying a quality scope or red dot sight will never be a bad purchase.  We use a variety of red dot sights and low power variable optics from quality brands like Aimpoint, Holosun, Trijicon and Kahles.  Depending on your budget there are several choices for quality, however these brands are all duty or pro grade and are priced accordingly.  There are some great other brands that serve the entry level market as well.  Being that our core firearms staff are all active LE and prior military, we know that having good gear is a requirement.  

Please note that we are not commissioned by any of these companies in a way that we receive commision or a kick back from any sales of the brands on this page.  We don't make a penny if you buy their products or not.  We just hate seeing students show up with subpar equipment and fight their gear during class.  What often happens is a student shows up with gear that isn't very good, realizes that and uses loaner gear and ends up buying equipment again. We would rather have students try before you buy and figure out what works well for you and is realistic to your needs.  If you have questions about gear or equipment, please ask us!

For small parts, mounts, optic mounts, lights and other accesories we use a variety of quality parts from the above shown companies.  Each of us has our own preference and chooses gear based on our own needs.  These brands have all proven to have good quality gear that not only holds up in training but also on duty.

Firearms, Suppressors & Ammo

Our semi-autmatic rifles and ARs of choice are from Minnesota's own JP Enterprises.  We truly feel these are the finest AR's and precision semi-automatic rifles on the market.

Our handgun of choice is the Staccato 2011, a high performance firearm that is reliable, accurate and a joy to shoot.  


Everything Else


The finest quality safety glasses and ergonomic eye protection is from Rudy Project.  Looking for the best eye pro we have found, look no further than Rudy Project.

Our students receive a very generious coupon code off of all Rudy Project eyewear including prescription glasses.  

We are proud to partner with Global Ordnance, they are one of the largest ammuntion importer and exporters in the nation.  They carry the brands you know and trust and also have high quality imported brands.

Use Code:  GTAMMO

FRE SHIIPPING on all orders over $200.00