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We take great pride in our instructor level courses, these courses are truly designed and developed to help those become better instructors.  Sadly, many instructor courses are just basic firearms classes with a few buzz words inserted, most lack true instructor curriculum.  Our courses address not just the what and how, but more importantly the why, and then the how to teach the material.  It is one thing to teach the instructor to shoot and be proficient, no doubt important elements.  However a true instructor course must then dive in to the why of each topic so the instructor becomes not just knowledgable but understands what they are teaching.  At the end of our instructor courses you will not return just ready to mimic and repeat what was taught, but you will understand what was taught and why and then be prepared to teach the material with confidence.  

This RDS Equipped Handgun Instructor Course is designed to give the instructor proficiency in using the RDS equipped handguns and provide the ability to transfer this knowledge and apply it back to their agency.

RDS Handgun Instructor - 3 Day Course

Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor - 5 Day Course

Learning Firearms’ 5 day firearms instructor course (train the trainer) will prepare students to become their agency’s firearms instructor providing them the knowledge to develop, document and teach handgun firearms courses for their officers.