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The following objectives will be taught in a train-the-trainer format meaning they are not just demonstrated, but examined in detail and taught with an emphasis on how to learn and teach the material to future students.  This will also include teaching points, anticipated questions/struggles and relevant drills.  

Learning Objectives of the course:

-Modern LE Handgun equipment including red dot sights

-Training requirements and practices

-Course development, qualifications versus training

-Documentation, lesson plan development and records

-POST approval process, records keeping, audits and tracking

-POST learning objectives and teaching beyond mandated material

-Agency policy and practices

-Training workflow and planning

-Instructorcraft philosophy, ongoing learning and development

-Adult Learning Methods to teach the material

-Using technology to present visual feedback for shooter development

-Officer involved shooting data, trends and correlating that to modern training

-Human Behavior and stress response, processing and impact on firearms are actually used during OIS

-Safety briefs, plans and applicability to LE on duty

-Ballistic Performance, Zero of handgun, Zero Distances and efficiency of zeroing with shooters

-Modern handgun fundamentals and proficiency

-Ready positions and presentations from draw/sling

-Loading techniques

-Firearm manipulation and stoppages

-Single handed operation

-Barricades, cover, and concealment

-Low light and no light shooting and techniques

-Adverse Weather

-Practical Movement drills based on reality versus range theatrics

The course will conclude with a practical assessment of the student of knowledge, firearms ability and instructor ability.  Students will be required to complete the following evaluations successfully before receiving an instructor certificate:

-Pass written exam

-Submit a lesson plan that articulates performance goals, objectives and teaching methods

-Perform an instructional segment showing their ability to conduct a safe range, present and instruct

-Pass a qualification course of fire

This 5-day, 40 hour, course will equip to the student to return to their agency as a confident and prepared firearms instructor ready to instruct the use of handgun.  Modern law enforcement training needs and instructor expectations have evolved, along with techniques and equipment.  This course focuses on preparing the new or experienced firearms instructors to be able to develop and create courses, prepare documentation and lesson plans, presentation skills, speaking, adult learning, modern firearms equipment, firearms fundamentals and proficiencies, diagnosing shooter performance, corrective actions, all with a train-the-trainer approach.  

Reality is the basis for this course, not static range drills, dated techniques, or tactics that don’t occur on the street.  The material in this course has a direct correlation to what law enforcement meets on a daily basis and the requirements for the instructor to prepare officers for the challenges faced.  

Many instructor courses teach the course with an unspoken philosophy of repeating the material without diving into the "why."  This course builds on the Instructorcraft philosophy of establishing the student to begin the journey to master their craft as an instructor.  The "why" of each lesson will be dissected and presented so the student not just becomes familiar with the subject, but also the background and relevance as it relates to the needs of a modern, professional law enforcement officer.  

The course was developed with the core goal being to prepare an instructor to return to their agency ready to join a team of instructors or be their lone instructor.  Departments vary by size, resources, and needs are different as well.  Student individual performance and student comprehension will lead to the ability to be an effective instructor.  Students will go through planned drills to reinforce this core to improve their own shooting ability, understand the “why” and then be able to present, demonstrate, evaluate, diagnose and improve students of their own.  

Attendance of this course not guarantee an instructor certificate upon completion.  This course requires the student to be proficient in the use of firearms through measurable standards, qualify, present material to peer group, and pass a knowledge test.  Again, this is not a “get a certificate” course, there will be standards and objectives that must be met successfully to earn a certificate.  

LE Handgun Firearms Instructor

Gear and Equipment List for this course:

-Note taking items for classroom and lectures (there will be a test) and targets or other props that the student may want to use for practical assessment.  Many students use a laptop or tablet for notes, preparing for their practical evaluation where they will be teaching the class, and writing their lesson plan.

-Handgun from reputable manufacturer in good, safe working order with a minimum of 4 quality, working  magazines, more for single stack platforms.  Weapon mounted light is recommended, RDS Handguns should have back up sights.

-2000 Rounds practice ammunition

-First Line Gear: Duty Belt/training belt with retention holster, mag pouches, handheld flashlight and holder etc, a dump pouch is also highly recommended. Duty gear is encouraged, use what you would use on a realistic day for you, ie everyday carry.

*For range drills it is recommended that between first and second line gear student can carry 4 pistol magazines.  

-Eye and Electronic Ear Protection

-Adequate clothing and footwear for weather, rain gear, jacket, etc.  We recommend dressing in layers.

-Personal equipment: Gloves, Elbow pads, knee pads.  The neoprene type work great, you will be on the ground, kneeling, prone etc. and the pads can greatly aid in comfort.

-Baseball style cap highly recommended

-For breaks at class, bringing a folding or bag chair is a great item to have.  We will have some seating options but a comfortable chair is a nice item to have.

-Personal items such as sunscreen, bug repellant, favorite snacks, etc.

-Gun cleaning/maintenance kit