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We started in 2011 with the goal of providing the best training and services we can to individuals, agencies, and business seeking top level training.  We come from a background of public service and take that same doctrine and philosophy to how we operate our courses, ultimately wanting to give you the best experience possible.  

Training is something we have a passion for, a drive to do.  It isn't something we take lightly and always work out in how develop and deliver content.  In our classes we have a saying, "you can always make more money, but you can never make more time."  That was something Dave learned young and applies that to all of our courses whether its a class we teach or a hosted course.  

We never want a training experience to be a waste of time, that to us is the ultimate insult.  In our classes you won't leave early, attend only to earn credits or a certificate, and you won't be able to breeze your way through.  We will engage you, challenge you and do our absolute best to give you training and material that is practical, realistic, recent, relevant, and effective.  We work hard to be evolving and changing to new technology, techniques and challenges, we do this to keep the content useful and beneficial for our students.

Our staff, hosted instructors, and consultants are people who have a passion for sharing knowledge and who are experienced and qualified in the field.  If you take a course from us know that it will be based on proven concepts, actual real world use, and directly applicable to you.

David Timm - Founder and Instructor

Dave has a passion for firearms instruction, sharing knowledge and seeing shooters improve and gain proficiency.  His law enforcement career began in 2002 as a police officer, he spent the majority of his career on patrol with the last 10 years as a night sergeant, patrol supervisor.  He also was his agency's lead instructor and training coordinator, developing and organizing new hire, field training, and department firearms and force training.  Retiring after a 20 year law enforcement career to focus on training and work in the firearms industry, his passion lead him to become a recognized expert in firearms technical aspects, competitive shooting and instructor development.

Dave has consulted for various firearms companies and manufacturers and travels the country teaching classes mainly to law enforcement.   He was an original founding member of the Mills Fleet Farm Shooting Team from 2011-2015.  In that capacity he provided training, product development, and technical services for their two lines of modern sporting rifles, Huldra Arms and Korstog Arms.  As part of the team he also traveled and competed in pistol and 3-gun matches around the area and country as a sponsored shooter and brand representative.  He appeared in a few episodes of Mills Fleet Farm’s We Love it Outdoors television show as the firearms subject matter expert and personality.  

When you spend time with Dave on the range, his passion becomes contagious and his interest in seeing performance excel is genuine. He bases his lessons on reality, being critical of human behavior versus traditional doctrine, and isn't afraid to call it as it is.  

He holds several instructor certificates and is a subject matter expert in multiple areas including use of force, firearms, and LE practices.  Additionally he has numerous training certifications in advanced firearms armoring, instruction, and firearms courses. Dave has attended numerous shooting courses from some of the nation's best instructors including Scott Jedlinski, AJ Zito, Chuck Pressburg, Dave Spaulding, Louis Awerbuck, Larry Vickers, Jeff Gonzales, Steve Fisher and many more...truly a lifelong student.

Dave is a regular content creator and author for Guns & Tactics Magazine, where you can read his articles, reviews and watch his ongoing videos on their YouTube Channel.  

Mike Davis -  Instructor and "HR"

Mike has 14 years of military experience between active duty and the army national guard.  Three of those years were at Ft Bragg as a paratrooper, the other 11 were with a mechanized infantry unit in MN.  Mike has a 21 month Iraq deployment under his belt and has been in law enforcement for 17 years, currently working full time as a chief of police, leading a profesional, cummunity service focused agency. He is a certified LE firearms instructor, Glock and AR-15/M16 armorer.  Mike has also been pursued by the local law enforcement college to instruct portions of their firearms training.

Mike has gone through numerous firearms courses 

including Vickers Tactical, Trident Concepts, and Handgun Combatives and Yavapai Firearms Academy. 

Mike was also a member of the Mills Fleet Farm Shooting Team.  He assisted with product evaluation, testing, and development with Huldra and Korstog rifles.  As part of the team he also traveled and competed in pistol and 3-gun matches around the area and country.

Andy Reed - Instructor

Andy started his professional career in 1999 with the US Army as a Combat Military Police soldier, later deploying to Iraq in 2003 and 2004 as a Sergeant and team leader.  In Iraq, he provided armed convoy escorts, performed VIP protective security details, trained Iraqi Police, and worked in High Value Detainee (HVD) operations.  After 8 years, Andy left the Army as a Staff Sergeant to pursue law enforcement.  Andy became a sworn law enforcement officer in 2007 for a suburban agency and worked as a patrol officer, investigator, and agency and SWAT armorer.  Andy later transferred to a large metropolitan police department where he currently works as a district response officer, field training officer, rifle operator and firearms instructor.  Andy is a certified firearms instructor, AR15 armorer and advanced armorer, as well as Glock and Remington 870 armorer.

Andy has enjoyed shooting and hunting from an early age, and is an avid pheasant hunter and precision long range shooting enthusiast.  Andy has previously shot GSSF and IPSC pistol competition.  His firearms training has included extensive training with EAG Tactical/Pat Rogers, as well as with Vickers Tactical, Trident Concepts, The Defensive Edge, Handgun Combatives, Sentinel Concepts and others.

Trevor Tobin - Video & Social Media, Associate Instructor

Trevor has always had a passion for shooting and helping others learn about the safe handling of firearms.  He has been shooting competitively on and off for 17 years in IDPA and local practical shooting events. He has attended over 120 credit hours of firearms related education within the past two years from instructors such as Dave Spaulding, Steve Fisher, and Learning Firearms courses.  Trevor has been a permit to carry advocate for the past 19 years personally helping people understand the pros, cons, and best way for them to carry.  He has been a vital help to the start of our youtube, facebook, Instagram and other video and social media projects. 


Trevor has been helping families protect their financial assets as an insurance agent in Baxter since 2007, he understands the importance of good insurance and the value of good training.  He is always ready to discuss the WHAT IF questions regarding the use of force in defending your home and family.  This profesional background gives him a great insight to the many liability aspects of firearms if a student is faced with a deadly force encounter.  

Our Philosophy of our ongoing quest for knowledge is best summarized by this quote.

What is a master but a master student?

And if that's true, then there's a responsibility on you to keep getting

better and to explore avenues of your profession.

- Neil Peart, Drummer of Rush

(Arguably the best trio in the history of all music)

This is embraced by all of us, truly motivated to be masters of our craft.  In our journey to always strive to learn more, improve, and be better we never dismiss an opportunity, person, or lesson that we can learn from.  We share this knowledge with our students, passionately and effectively in our classes.