We started in 2011 with the goal of providing the best training and services we can to individuals, agencies, and business seeking top level training.  We come from a background of public service and take that same doctrine and philosophy to how we operate our courses, ultimately wanting to give you the best experience possible.  

Training is something we have a passion for, a drive to do.  It isn't something we take lightly and always work out in how develop and deliver content.  In our classes we have a saying, "you can always make more money, but you can never make more time."  That was something Dave learned young and applies that to all of our courses whether its a class we teach or a hosted course.  

We never want a training experience to be a waste of time, that to us is the ultimate insult.  In our classes you won't leave early, attend only to earn credits or a certificate, and you won't be able to breeze your way through.  We will engage you, challenge you and do our absolute best to give you training and material that is practical, realistic, recent, relevant, and effective.  We work hard to be evolving and changing to new technology, techniques and challenges, we do this to keep the content useful and beneficial for our students.

Our staff, hosted instructors, and consultants are people who have a passion for sharing knowledge and who are experienced and qualified in the field.  If you take a course from us know that it will be based on proven concepts, actual real world use, and directly applicable to you.