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The course overall was outstanding. I liked Mr. Spaulding’s teaching style, professionalism, and commitment to making sure his students learned. He is a “platinum grade” instructor in every respect.  The facility (quarry, tents, cold drinks, snacks, etc) was first class. The hospitality and welcoming atmosphere shown by you, Mike, and Trevor left nothing to be desired. I honestly cannot think of any suggestion to improve. You really have these events “dialed in” from all aspects, and I thank you, Mike, and Trevor for the learning and a wonderful experience that I will remember all of my life.

-Guy Smith

Enhanced Combative Pistol by Dave Spaulding Student

I recently attended a handgun training course by Learning Firearms featuring Dave Spaulding. The class was first rate from start to finish. There was a brief classroom introduction  appropriate to the skill level of the class, then off to the range for some very intense but enjoyable training. The range facility, the pace, and the quality of the instruction were all excellent.  Mike Davis and Dave Timm made every effort to keep us as comfortable as possible with nice amenities, an excellent range, and a very balanced schedule.

I thought it was especially impressive the way that Mike Davis and Dave Timm teamed up with Dave Spaulding to provide personalized teaching. There was a real sense of teamwork with the other students who were a mix of LE and civilian shooters.


I thought the class was fun, serious, safely managed, and very intense. It was an excellent value both for the money and especially for the time I invested. I experienced a notable improvement in my shooting.

I will be back to these guys for further classes.


Steve G.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, veteran and recreational shooter

Enhanced Combative Pistol by Dave Spaulding Student

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Just book them already!! Took Critical Carbine with these guys and the training was perfection!! The level of professionalism, safety, amenities and informative training is unparalleled...truly an awesome group of people to train with!! I would give 10 out of 5 stars if I could! Highly recommended!!

-Shem Horsley

Critcal Carbine Student

I have now taken five different courses with these guys, and the professionalism and quality of the training has been outstanding. They run a very safe range, allow a realistic experience, and also realize that students also want to have fun. The most recent Dave Spaulding class was truly oustanding. I look forward to contnue to be a student with Learning Firearms.

-Stephen Gulbrandsen

Student of Multiple Courses

Very informative, the skills and training received is what every permit to carry person should take

-Douglas Moan

Fundamental Handgun Student

I attended the Up Close Pistol and Up Close Carbine classes taught by Learning Firearms and have to say I learned an incredible amount of useful takeaways and was impressed by the level of organization and detail the covered in the courses. I’ve taken several classes over the years, including those taught by nationally recognized instructors and can honestly say Dave, Andy and Trevor compete with the best out there. Prices are affordable, amenities were the best by far and the student to instructor ratio was high with constant feedback - they saw everyone of my mistakes and kept me honest which I appreciated. Classes are ALL day and you get more than your money’s worth. I’ll certainly be back for more training in the future.


Up Close Handgun & Up Close Carbine Student

The courses offered by Learning Firearms are second to none. As of this writing, I have attended six courses offered by LF and will attend as many as my schedule allows in the coming years. The instructors are among the most competent shooters I've encountered and also excellent teachers and diagnosticians. Beyond operating the gun, they also bring a wealth of experience in situational awareness, conflict avoidance, competition fundamentals, hand-to-hand techniques, and other specific topics that both new and experienced shooters can appreciate. Classes are well planned and structured, but offer enough "flex" to tailor each to the group of students in attendance. The subject matter flows naturally and builds in complexity as individual skills are learned and a sufficient level of mastery is achieved. Time is well used - you are never bored and are rarely waiting. Dave and his team keep everyone moving, on task, well hydrated, well fed and (at appropriate times) laughing hysterically. Comradery builds fast and the environment is always constructive and friendly. I recommend Learning Firearms to every shooter I meet - I truly believe everyone, regardless of experience level, can benefit meaningfully from their instruction. Classes are worth every cent of my money and every second of my time.

-Dustin Hawbaker, via Facebook

Student of multiple classes