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Our speciality areas are:

-Firearms, Covering all POST Board learning objectives and requirements

-Firearms Maintenance and Armorer Training

-Use of Force, Covering all POST Board learning objectives and requirements

-Patrol Tactics, including scenario based training

-Firearms and Use of Force Documentation/Best Practices

  for Department Instructors

-Firearms Instructor Courses and Instructor Development

-HR218 Qualification for Retired Peace Officers

There are numerous groups that offer “everything training” for law enforcement, we choose to focus on what we can provide the best training in.  As with all of our training, our motto is training that is worth your money, but more importantly worth your time.  Every officer has attended one or numerous courses and thought “what a waste of time” or merely attended for credits and a piece of paper.  We don’t provided that kind of training, our courses are detailed and thorough, we engage the student officers to bring what they have to the table and leave with more.  In this environment we share knowledge based on practical experience and our continuing training to offer the best course we can provide.

All of our law enforcement instructors are active full time licensed peace officers.  We have experience on the road in patrol, field training, firearms and use of force instruction, tactical teams, investigations, and other specialty assignments.  Our courses are based on real world street experience, the techniques we teach are the same methods we apply when we patrol the streets on our shifts.  All instructors have numerous instructor certifications and countless hours of continuing development courses, we hold certifications from several industry leading organizations as equipment factory certifications.  We have a passion for law enforcement training, we can help your officers or agency not only meet training requirements, but give them the tools to be safe, professional and effective on duty.

Training is customized for each department or agency.  Factors include schedule, number of officers, topics and location.  Please contact us for more information.  We are also available to present to governing authorities, such as city councils and boards, to provide information on the training we can provide.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet or discuss with the services we can provide you or your agency.

We can assist your agency with training needs and requirements.  While several groups or agencies offer law enforcement training, we strive to provide high quality training that not only meets POST requirements, but exceeds them.  Our goal is to provide your officers training that is practical, realistic, recent, relevant, and effective.

In addition to meeting the needs of your current officers and agency, we also conduct qualifications for retired law enforcement officers as required under HR218.  Our HR218 qualifications are scheduled to work with individuals or groups.  Please contact us to arrange a qualification.

This RDS Equipped Handgun Instructor Course is designed to give the instructor proficiency in using the RDS equipped handguns and provide the ability to transfer this knowledge and apply it back to their agency.

RDS Handgun Instructor - 3 Day Course

Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor - 5 Day Course

Learning Firearms’ 5 day firearms instructor course (train the trainer) will prepare students to become their agency’s firearms instructor providing them the knowledge to develop, document and teach handgun and patrol rifle firearms courses for their officers.

On Location Agency Training

Staff also provided on location training to your agency for mandated in-service training, modern techniques and tactics or other focused content based on your needs.  Contact us to discuss catered agency training.