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The modern sporting rifle (MSR), or AR15 rifle, has been a popular choice with firearms enthusiasts more then ever before.  Whether it be for collection, target shooting, personal protection, duty, competition, or hunting, it’s popularity is second to none in the rifle world.  Part of what makes the AR15 or MSR great is the reliability, accuracy, dependability, and versatility of the platform.  To some, just owning a rifle is enough, taking it to the range or out of storage is all they need.  However there are others who want to learn more about the system, it’s history, how it works, why it works, and how to run it proficiently.  To those, we offer high quality, thorough, and effective AR15 training.  While we would love for everyone who owns a firearm to seek training, some will never seek knowledge from others.  Our AR15 courses strive to share the knowledge and experience our staff has with this platform and provide students with the best courses we can offer.

Our staff is intimately familiar with this platform, based on experience from active combat duty, law enforcement duty, and the national competition arena, we are familiar with how this system runs and works and developed courses that are realistic, relevant, and practical while being affordable and available.  

Moving Carbine, as the name implies, focuses on the skill set of moving efficiently with a carbine or patrol rifle and engaging moving targets.  This course course was developed after reviewing numerous officer involved shootings, self defense shootings and even scenarios and elements from the competition arena.

This course, as the name implies, focuses on the skill set of utilizing a carbine or patrol  in close proximity to your target or in indoor situations.  The target could be an array for the competition shooter or an active threat for the permit holder or law enforcement officer on the street.  This course was developed after reviewing real life scenarios and officer involved shootings and skills learned from competitive shooting events.