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Moving Carbine - 2 Day Course, 16 hours    

$500.00    800 Rounds

Moving Carbine, as the name implies, focuses on the skill set of moving efficiently with a carbine or patrol rifle and engaging  targets.  This course course was developed after reviewing numerous officer involved shootings, self defense shootings and even scenarios and elements from the competition arena.  Additionally examining and guidance from top tier training methods and schools have influence in this course, namely Mentor Dave Spaulding.  We have been teaching the elements of this course to law enforcement and are now excited to add it to our course offerings.  

Whether a student is looking to prepare for a self defense situation, a law enforcement officer on the street, or a competitive shooter looking to increase performance, movement and motion is present in all of the these situations.  This is an active course and there will be a heavy emphasis on moving, running, and getting rounds on target.  As with all of our course the end goal is accuracy and effective shot placement, however adding the element of moving and moving targets increases the difficulty.  

This course is not a beginner course and focuses on a specific skill set.  The student needs to already have a solid understanding of safe firearm handling, manipulation, an established skill set of marksmanship.  Prior training or experience is required, this should not be your first training course.  The student will need to provide their experience upon registration and will need to be approved by staff before registration will be finalized.  If you have any questions please contact us, we are

happy to help find the best class to fit what you are looking for.  

Lunch, snacks, water, and sports drinks are all privided on site and included with tuition.

This course is a sister course to Moving Handgun and the crossover and continuity of drills is obvious if a students takes both courses.  

The learning objectives of the course are:

-Safe handling and manipulation of carbine/patrol rifle and equipment

-Marksmanship assessment, this is not a beginner course and has a focused skill set, students are expected to have prior training and efficiency with their carbine/patrol rifle and equipment

-Efficiency of carbine presentation

-Ready positions and appropriate uses

-Sling use and manipulation

-Basic movement and drills

-Manipulation and reloading on the move

-Increasing speed and efficiency in movement

-Lateral movement, explosive movement, and stopping

-Pivoting, planting and presentation of handgun

-Moving around objects, barricades and non-hostile targets

-Shooting drills engaging moving targets while stationary

-Shooting drills engaging moving targets while moving

-Shooting drills engaging moving targets while moving and around objects

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