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Patrol Rifle Marksman - 16 hours/2 Days    $500.00

600 Rounds Rifle  (100 duty/match recommended)

This 2-Day Patrol Rifle Marksman Course that is open to citizens, law enforcement and military.  The course emphasizes the use of magnified low power variable optics (LPVOs), magnified combat optics and RDS magnifiers on carbines or patrol rifles to engage targets ranging from CQB distance to 400+yds.  Students will gain experience using their rifles to engage targets from varying static and moving positions.  Topics of instruction include marksmanship fundamentals, ballistics and positional shooting.  Students will engage targets out to 400 yards from a variety of supported and unsupported postions.  Ballistic performance will be a heavy component of the course where students will not just see performance data but also apply that on the range.  

This is not an introductory level course, and all students should have at least a basic understanding of how their rifle works, as well as basic firearms safety and operations knowledge.

The course is suited for the shooter that wants to gain confidence to use their rifle past typical range or class distances found at most courses.  Whether you are patrol officer who may face threats at distance, a competitive shooter looking to gain skills, or an enthusiast looking to go beyond the 100 yard range, this course will challenge you.  

A qualification at the conclusion of the course will determine if the student receives a certificate of completion.  All students will receive training documentation, however in order to pass the course you must shoot the qualification drills successfully.   

Lunch, snacks, water, and sports drinks are all privided on site and included with tuition.

Course covers:

-Safe handling of a firearm and the rules of firearms safety

-Carbine Prep and Maintenance

-Carbine and optic configuration

-Ballistics using Strelok Pro App

-Ballistic performance of student's ammunition and chronohraph performance

-Fundamentals of Marksmanship

-Operation and proper handling of the rifle

-Numerous practical shooting drills to develop fundamentals

-Drills to build and reinforce loading, operation, and effective

accurate delivery of rounds

-Supported and unsupported shooting positions

-Shooting targets at distance

-Engagement of targets at various distances

-Reticle hold over and engagement techniques

-Akward shooting positions, rifle cant and presentation challenges

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