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Up-Close Carbine - 2 Day Course, 16 hours    

$500.00    800 Rounds

This course, as the name implies, focuses on the skill set of utilizing a carbine or patrol  in close proximity to your target or in indoor situations.  The target could be an array for the competition shooter or an active threat for the permit holder or law enforcement officer on the street.  Often times being close to the threat is forced on the actor by the location of an incident and this often includes being indoors or contained by objects found in the real world.  This course was developed after reviewing real life scenarios and officer involved shootings and skills learned from competitive shooting events.  While some are quick to dismiss the lessons that can be carried over from tactical training versus competitive shooting, the reality is that proficiency and shot placement is required in both.  Lessons from each type of training can improve a shooter's over all ability and build confidence.  

While there will be marksmanship drills at distances out to 50 or 100 yards, the focus of the course is under 25 yards.  This distance is based of data of engagement distances from the majority of self defense and officer involved shootings and common indoor dimensions.  When the distance is decreased, the advantage to the skilled shooter over an assailant also decreases.  Therefore speed and efficiency need to increase.  

A patrol officer or once who chooses to use a carbine/patrol rifle for self defense would greatly gain from taking this course.  A competition shooter can also benefit by increasing their ability to engage close targets quickly and efficiently increasing their performance.  Proactive law enforcement agencies or schools offer training to their officers and students on close quarter shooting, but often most are lacking, outdated or limited by range rules restricting the learning that needs to occur.  This course breaks those boundaries and restrictions and allows realistic, practical training to occur.  

This course is not a beginner course and focuses on a specific skill set.  The student needs to already have a solid understanding of safe firearm handling, manipulation, an established skill set of marksmanship.  Prior training or experience is required, this should not be your first training course.  The student will need to provide their experience upon registration and will need to be approved by staff before registration will be finalized.  If you have any questions please contact us, we are happy to help find the best class to fit what you are looking for.

Lunch, snacks, water, and sports drinks are all privided on site and included with tuition.

This course is a sister course to Up-Close Handgun and the crossover and continuity of drills is obvious if a students takes both courses.  

The learning objectives for the course are:

-Safe handling and manipulation of handgun, including in retention and nontraditional positions

-Draw and presentation of handgun from duty gear or concealment

-Marksmanship assessment drills

-Methodical break down of the draw and getting the gun on target

-Shooting from non-conventional positions and retention

-Lateral and practical movement

-Multiple target engagement

-Practical follow through and reengagement

-Stoppages and malfunctions

-Contact shooting and manipulation

-Physical contact and altercation shooting

-Firearm retention

-Manipulation and clearing with a firearm indoors

-Shooting drills building upon the above objectives

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