Practical Urban Carbine

September 12th-14th, 2017  $600

SOLD OUT - Waiting List Only

Steve Fisher

We are excited to host Steve "Yeti" Fisher again for his three day Urban Carbine course for 2017.  Our course with Steve in June, 2016, was very well received by students and staff and it offered a lot of learning in three days.  Building off of last year's course we are bringing back for Urban Carbine, a specialized three day course.

This course will have a heavy emphasis on carbine use from 0-300 yards.  Based on the US Census Bureau 80% of the American Population lives in Urban areas. An urban area’s location is characterized by high human population density. Defined within an area approximately of 200-300 yards and surrounding.

Steve has a solid background and reputation in the training and firearms industry and brings a lot to his courses.  Being this course is available for registration so early we are offering a discount for students anxious to lock in 2017 training plans.  

A mid-level course where students are familiarized with their rifles. The class will thoroughly cover:

-Safety Plan

-Medical Brief

-Proper choice and placement of gear

-Different optics and accessories

-Effective shooting stance

-Proper weapon grip

-Recoil control

-Sight alignment

-Sight picture using iron sights and electronic optics

-Proper zero and confirmation of them.  (Range dependent on distance)

-Use of the sling for supported shooting

-Use of body supported shooting positions

-Use of organic and man made structures for support

-Trigger control

-Different shooting positions

-Anticipated night/low light shoot on one evening, pending use permit

THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER COURSE  Students will be required to have a rifle with established zero at course and have a solid skill set.  Training opportunities prior to this course will be available to meet prerequisite requirements.  You should have sound experience with the platform and training from reputable instructors prior to attending this course.  If you have any questions if you would be a good fit in this course, please contact us prior to registration.  We would be happy to go over your background and experience to determine your best options for training.

This course SHOULD NOT be your first carbine course.  

Required gear and equipment:

-AR15 rifle/carbine, or other platform, in safe working order with optical sight and back up sights and tactical sling.  Iron Sights alone are permitted as well, however optic such as Aimpoint or quality magnified optics, etc. are highly recommended.  Weapon mounted light/handheld lights system for low light portion.

-Ammunition requirement is a minimum of 800 rounds rifle (200 should be Quality Duty/Match for zero and grouping drills)

-Minimum of 6 Rifle Magazines, extra magazines are highly recommended - Loaners available or magazines are available to purchase.  It is recommended to pre-load your magazines ahead of time.

-First Line Gear: Sturdy Belt designed and capable of supporting pistol, magazines, gear, etc.  Quality holster for pistol with solid retention, no cheap nylon or generic fit holsters permitted.  Holster must cover trigger guard and retain pistol during movement.  Holsters that use the trigger finger in line with the trigger to release are not preferred.  Magazine Pouches/Carriers for pistol and Rifle, Dump Pouch highly recommended, Multi-Tool recommended.

-Second Line Gear: Sturdy quality Chest Rig or Vest capable of supporting gear. Quality magazine pouches/carriers for chest rig that can hold magazines securely.

*For range drills it is recommended that between first and second line gear student can carry 3-4 rifle magazines

-Eye and Ear Protection

-Adequate clothing and footwear for weather, rain gear, jacket, etc.  We recommend dressing in layers.

-Personal equipment: Gloves, Elbow pads, knee pads.  The neoprene type work great, you will be on the ground, kneeling, prone etc. and the pads can greatly aid in comfort.

-Baseball style cap highly recommended

-Personal items such as sunscreen, bug repellant, favorite snacks, etc.

-Gun cleaning/maintenance kit, lubricant of choice, rags or old t-shirts

About Steve and Sentinel Concepts:

Sentinel Concepts is committed to bringing our students the most current and relevant firearms training based on their personal needs.

No two classes will have the same curriculum, as each class will be based on the students and their training goals in each class.  

Individual students’ goals, abilities and skills will be the basis for each class’ instruction.  Each drill and exercise will build a solid surface for each student to develop a plan for their personal practice sessions and will enable them to diagnose their own mistakes and to empower them to be better, more efficient shooters, and effective weapon manipulator after the class and for years to come, by using proven and current techniques.


For the past 3.5 years Steve served as one of the primary Instructors for Magpul Dynamics.  Steve currently serves as a reserve officer with an agency in the southern United States as a firearms trainer for SWAT and patrol divisions.

Steve’s career as a trainer started in the 90’s, first at NTFT and then later as the owner and lead trainer of MDFI, both Michigan based companies. He was responsible for the development of new programs and tactics for several local departments and new training curriculum’s based on low light, home defense and the use of the carbine, handgun and shotgun in various roles.

Steve is active in 2-Gun and 3-Gun competition on the local level, as well as in other competitive disciplines.  Steve has been featured in SWAT Magazine and has written for both SWAT Magazine and Surefire Combat Tactics.

Over the years Steve has participated in numerous training programs from notable instructors in the industry as well as many local level schools, and stays active on both sides of the training industry. He is also an avid hunter and has a history in the outdoor/hunting television community as both a hunter and cameraman.