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Carbine Proficiency - 16 hours/2 Days    $500.00

800 Rounds Rifle - 50 Rounds Handgun

This is a comprehensive 16 hour course that is designed to establish a strong, efficient fundamental skill set when using a carbine.  Whether for Law Enforcement, Personal Defense, Competition, or Target Shooting the foundation of effective accuracy is a solid understanding and delivery of the core fundamentals.  The course will cover safe and proper carbine handling, ballistics, gear/carbine maintenance and prep, fundamentals of marksmanship, carbine manipulation and more.  Numerous shooting drills and exercises will build skills and understanding in these areas and advance accuracy and progress.

The training format is optimized to build a solid platform of the fundamentals of marksmanship and begin to compress them in to instinctive delivery of accurate rounds on target.  The classroom begins with a very brief review of the basic course, then advances to detailed lecture of the platform, ballistics, gear, and application of the information.

There are no required pre-requisites, however the student must have a basic knowledge of the platform and understand how to handle their carbine safely.  The student needs to have a proven reliable carbine, this is not the course to take if your rifle is right out of the box and you have never fired it. The carbine needs to have a known zero.  If you have never attended a formal carbine training course it is highly recommended to start with our intro or fundamental courses.  This is not a basic, beginner course.  

A qualification at the conclusion of the course will determine if the student receives a certificate of completion.  All students will receive training documentation, however in order to pass the course you must shoot the qualification drills successfully.   

Lunch, snacks, water, and sports drinks are all privided on site and included with tuition.

Course covers:

-Safe handling of a firearm and the rules of firearms safety

-Carbine Prep and Maintenance

-First and second line gear

-Carbine and gear configuration

-Ballistics and practical application in tactical/practical environments

-Fundamentals of Marksmanship

-Operation and proper handling of the rifle

-Numerous practical shooting drills to develop fundamentals

-Drills to build and reinforce loading, operation, and effective

accurate delivery of rounds

-Ammunition management, and loading techniques and types

-Introduction to compression of fundamentals to build speed

-Malfunctions and clearing techniques

-Optic malfunctions and use of back up sights

-Introduction to movement, shooting on the move

-Handgun transition, weapon selection

-Measured performance with proficiency stadards and qualification drills

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