This Course covers:

-Safe handling of a firearm and the rules of firearms safety

-Platform nomenclature, developments & modernization

-Cleaning, field assembly/disassembly, maintenance, and lubrication

-Accessories, parts, upgrades, and enhancements

-Ballistics and ammunition considerations

-Fundamentals of Marksmanship

-Proper draw and presentations

-Operation and proper handling of the pistol

-Loading techniques

-Numerous practical shooting drills to develop fundamentals

-Drills to build and reinforce loading, operation, and effective accurate delivery of rounds

-Several other topics and drills related to the handgun

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Introduction to the Handgun - 6 hours    

$125.00    250 Rounds

This course is designed for a new user or shooters who have never had formal training courses.  You don't even have to own a pistol as loaners are available and you can shoot a variety of guns to decide what is best for you.  This is our basic class and we designed it to be fun, informative, and should answer all of the basic questions you have about your pistol or handguns.  If you just purchased a handgun, this is a great class to start with.  

This course is offered in a one day, 5 hour block.  This shorter class time provides a good amount of training, but not too much to make you feel overwhelmed.  The class begins with a lecture and presentation, and demonstrations.  The presentation transitions into a hands on section where the students understand the working parts of the pistol and become familiar with basic handling and nomenclature.  During the range portion students will perform a variety of drills becoming proficient with the fundamentals of marksmanship, loading, operating the pistol safely, and building a skill set to create effective training and practice sessions on their own.

This course is a firearms shooting course, this course is not a permit to carry legal course.

Refreshments, sports drinks, and water, will be included with course.